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Australia Backpackers discover the best of Australia with us

There’s so much to see and experience in Australia and we reckon* (which means “believe” in Australian slang) backpacking through this country is the ultimate way to do so.

Australia is a paradise for young travellers, it is easy to get around (even though it’s massive) you will make new friends in no time and there is just so much to do!

No wonder it is possible to apply for a second working holiday visa, you need another year to see it all.

Depending on your country of residence you can either get a 3/6/12 month tourist visa. But the most popular way to go around the country is on a working holiday.

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We help you start up in Australia & plan the trip of your life.

Whether you are just looking for an awesome place to spend the night or for a tailor made trip along the East-Coast. We have been backpacking around the country so we know what you want.

Learn to surf with the locals, go diving in the Great Barrier Reef, rent or even buy a campervan and travel around in your own pace.

It doesn’t get any better then this!

The Australian feeling is a bit hard to explain but oh so easy to experience….The culture is Western though way more laid back, they do not say “No worries Mate” for nothing.

The lifestyle in Australia is very outdoorsy which is fair enough, with so much beauty to offer you do not want to stay indoors.

Get used to throw another steak on the barbie in one of the public open air BBQ area’s this country offers. Yes you read that well, even the gas is provided.




How to get started and how to get around?!

The most important one is your ticket (and of course a travel insurance) once you have got that you can start planning.

We can help you book an an arrival package, you will get picked-up from the airport and your hostel accommodation for the first few nights is arranged.

This is the perfect way to settle in and get rid of that jetlag without having to stress to much.

When it’s time to hit the road, travelling with your own car or camper van gives you the ultimate feeling of freedom. But of course this is not for everyone, you might not have a driver license or aren’t that keen on driving on the other side of the road.

By bus is the next best option. You can get a Hop on Hop Off pass and stop at places you choose. These flexible passes are valid for 3 or 6 months.

If you are a bit tight on your schedule there are a few organised bus tourswe can tell you about.


Most popular places along the East-Coast

Most backpackers start their adventure Down Under in Sydney with the East-Coast as the most popular route. (Sydney – Cairns) 1,503 miles / 2 419 km.

The first time you will visit Sydney,  and see the Opera House in real life you are hooked. And then we haven’t even mentioned the beaches yet. Of course Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach with many great cafes, farmers market and boutique street stalls.

Though we must say that our personal favourite is Manly Beach.

Just a short ferry ride from Circular Quay past the Opera House across to the Northern Beaches, this small surf town is a place you never want to leave. Most backpackers that arrive find a job in one of the local cafes and spend a few months here.

Imagine surfing before and after work, being close to Sydney CBD but having the feeling you are miles away form all the hustle and bustle.




You will have the time of your life!

Next on the bucketlist is Byron Bay.

Take a walk up to the light house just before sunrise or sunset, if you’re not much of a morning person, and you can say that you have been to the most Easterly point of Australia. You will find The Cape Byron State Conservation Park on this headland with a beautiful lighthouse.

Between June and November, humpback whales can be spotted too. Byron is definitely on our list of favourite destinations.

Don’t forget to bring a visit to the backpacker place in town, called Cheeky Monkey’s for a cheap feed, drink and a boogie!

While going further up the Coast the next stop after Brisbane will be Surfers Paradise, followed by Hervey Bay & Fraser Island these are both the gateways to world’s largest sand island, Fraser Island.


Another famous surf destination is Noosa and apart from humans, dogs can be found on a surf board too. With their ever-popular surfing dogs event that is held annually.

Airlie Beach as the gateway to the Whitsundays. You can enjoy a day out on the boat but we highly recommend an overnight trip to get the most out of your sailing adventure. (Check the offer of tours below on this page)

Last but not least along this popular East-Coast route: Cairns which is of course famous for The Great Barrier Reef.

This tropical little paradise is a very famous backpacker destination, they mainly come here for their snorkel or dive adventure.

A few lucky ones get a job on one of the boats that go out on the reef, hard work but imagine your office!

The Atherton Tablelands only one hour south of Cairns will surprise you with it’s wildlife, crater lakes and waterfalls where you can have a swim. The Daintree National Park with Cape Tribulation and The Atherton Tablelands are a must see in far North Queensland.





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