Welcome to Australia, this is where your adventures begin!

Australia Backpackers discover the best of Australia with us

There’s so much to see and experience in Australia and we reckon* (which means “believe” in Australian slang) backpacking through this country is the ultimate way to do so.

Australia is a paradise for young travellers, it is easy to get around (even though it’s massive) you will make new friends in no time and there is just so much to do!

No wonder it is possible to apply for a second working holiday visa, you need another year to see it all.

Depending on your country of residence you can either get a 3/6/12 month tourist visa. But the most popular way to go around the country is on a working holiday.

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We help you start up in Australia & plan the trip of your life.

Whether you are just looking for an awesome place to spend the night or for a tailor made trip along the East-Coast. We have been backpacking around the country so we know what you want.

Learn to surf with the locals, go diving in the Great Barrier Reef, rent or even buy a campervan and travel around in your own pace.

It doesn’t get any better then this!

The Australian feeling is a bit hard to explain but oh so easy to experience….The culture is Western though way more laid back, they do not say “No worries Mate” for nothing.

The lifestyle in Australia is very outdoorsy which is fair enough, with so much beauty to offer you do not want to stay indoors.

Get used to throw another steak on the barbie in one of the public open air BBQ area’s this country offers. Yes you read that well, even the gas is provided.




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