Far out into the west side of the nation, in a state large enough to get lost, lays Australia’s final frontier Western Australia

Western Australia is the country’s biggest state. With a borderline of almost 2000 kilometres from north to south, there are endless opportunities to emancipate you from modern civilisation and become a part of the rugged desert red that surrounds.

From the stunning Ningaloo Reef and white sand beaches of Coral Bay through to the immense gorges and scenery of the Kimberleys WA provides the eyes and the heart rate with a serious workout that will leave you wanting to experience it all over again.

Away from the long sweeping plains of amber coloured dirt, WA is also home to a unique Australian city that travellers refer to as their favourite.

Perth gives the backpacker all that is great about a small city while mixing it with a great nightlife and a plate full of things to do.
Without the big city vibe, there is no rush, no crazy wish to get from A to B in a hurry, yet neither is there a chance to find that horrible travellers’ disease called boredom.

It is a beautifully delicate balance that Perth holds steady.
Whether it is catching a ferry down the beautiful Swan River to the neat markets in Fremantle or out the wilderness of Rottnest Island getting there are great places to check out close to the city.

While Perth itself is home to the fantastic Kings Park, part botanic garden part nature reserve, providing a place for a BBQ and lazing on the grass and also the chance to discover the surrounding treks through the reserve.

The trend of amazing beaches continues in Perth with a buffet of options from Scarborough to Cottesloe, of which the latter is home to a famed Sunday drinking sesh.

Nightlife in Perth also belies its small-town city vibe particularly in the hotspot of Northbridge.
World-class wine regions extended from Swan Valley to Margaret River, also home to some incredible surf breaks.

Further down south in the so-called ‘Golden Outback’ exists what many have labelled the ‘Secret South’ and often undiscovered treasure of WA.

The town of Esperance is a beach lover’s heaven, home to the ‘whitest beach in Australia’ at Lucky bay.


WA is an environmental experience that blows the mind.

With dozens of pristine beaches and beautiful turquoise water, it isn’t hard to see why it garners such strong praise and why kangaroos often choose to soak in some sun from a comfy spot on the sand.

Around Lucky Bay is the 110 island Recherche Archipelago that only adds to the incredible scenery.

Surf spots abound too with fabulous breaks, hit Margaret River for some of the most consistent and spectacular surf on Earth.
If you are in town for a few days, then you must head a little inland and take in Cape le Grand National Park.

As you begin to head north stick close to the coast to discover some mind-boggling scenery that even in a sci-fi movie would seem unrealistic.
A perfect example of this exists in the Nambung National Park just three hours north of Perth.

This incredible region is home to the Pinnacles Desert, a place where thousands of limestone peaks have risen from the desert dirt over millions of years.
Like something you would only expect to see in space, the Pinnacles will fascinate and captivate in equal measure.

Just out of the park is Lake Thetis, where Stromatolites the world’s oldest living life is found.

Continue north to discover the fantastic whale sharks and turtle-clad beaches of Coral Bay and the Ningaloo Reef.
The nearby town of Exmouth is a great base to explore the many surrounding beaches that offer endless snorkelling opportunities as well as the beautiful gorges of Cape Range National Park.

Karijini National Park east of Exmouth is a natural wonderland of epic proportions.
Walkthrough passageways with rocks two billion years old guiding you through the canopies to endless crystal clear rock pools and waterfalls.

Hike around to get unparalleled views of the gorges that are unlike anything else in Australi – and we have a lot of gorges!
Despite the desert surrounding the valleys and canyons are home to permanent swim spots.

So you will be able to take a dip no matter what time of year you escape and camp out in this beautiful contrast of flaming red earth and clear blue pools.


The next destination we hope needs no introduction but to spur the images into our mind and give you the all-important insight we will give you one anyway.
Situated on the Dampier Peninsula Broome plays host to one of Australia’s most spectacular beaches, Cable Beach.

The stunning stretch of white sand and crystal water has brought much tourism alone and has helped develop bars and restaurants along the strip, but come dusk the town stops.

With eyes unwilling to blink, drinks hoisted in mid-air and forks laced with food hovering as locals and travellers alike pause to view the best sunset in Australia.


Even better, view the sunset on the back of a camel as you trek along the beach lit up red by the setting sun.

So Broome was spectacular, but it’s time to get back out there one last time to a place that beats all, the Kimberley.
A region of incredible contrasts and diversity from roaming through desert plains to leaning against tropical trees and diving into immaculate waterholes the Kimberley is compelling to the extreme.

With long ranges suddenly cut by deep canyons and smooth-rolling hills that only on close inspection do you realise are pure rock the Kimberley will enthral.

And with the nearby Bungle Bungle Range, this is the place to realise how incredible nature is.

From beach days and bright nights in Perth through to the Staircase to the Moon in Broome, WA is all about stimulating the senses and viewing mesmerising scenery.

There won’t be a day while you are lost out there where you won’t sit and pause for a second in mouth gaping wonder.

That is WA, discover!