Exploring Fraser Island should be on your ‘must-see & do’ list in Australia

Fraser Island lies just across from Hervey Bay and is the largest sand island in the world.

It is 120 kilometres long and features an immense mixture of long beaches, woodlands, rainforests and 100 freshwater lakes allowing for a diverse range of plant and animal life.  All this adds up to one incredible location!

Beaches are highways, used by locals and visitors alike for adventures and multi-day camping tours.

The best and easiest was to explore the island is with a four-wheel-drive vehicle which will allow you to see and experience the full extent of the fantastic landscape.

Fraser Island is remote with lots of accommodation choices – from 5-star resorts through to camping options!

Camping, of course, is the most budget option. At around $6 a night, you can pitch a tent and enjoy the stars!

When you wake up, it is time to explore. Jump in your four-wheel drive hire vehicle or join that small group tour that you booked and see what secrets the island has to offer.

There are hundreds of great places to see and here are some of the best.

Some Must-See Attractions

Lake Mackenzie, which is the best of the lakes on the island, offers clear blue waters and fine white sand, great for swimming and relaxation.


The Maheno Shipwreck is beached just off the Fraser Island coast. She was retired and on her way to Japan in July 1935 when a cyclone hit them, her towline broke, and she drifted to where she lies today. Though access to the wreck isn’t allowed, it is a fantastic sight in low tide.


Eli Creek. Do you like floating along with the current? This creek is on the main beach and is fabulous for relaxing and floating downstream, taking in the forest as you go.


There are many more incredible sights to see on this island from the nearly extinct King Ferns at Wanggoolba Creek to the giant dunes at Hammerstone Elbow.

Fraser Island is a ‘must do’ in Australia and truly an adventure.