Welcome to Hobart

Tasmania is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in Australia, with it’s colder climate and slow pace, the state’s capital of Hobart has exceptionally well-kept colonial buildings and the picturesque Derwent River.

The colonial buildings and river views have always been home to those in Hobart; it has only recently fully grown into its skin and reached its potential.

As it has developed into a more cosmopolitan city, Hobart’s colder climate, and rapidly growing culture have become attractive to travellers looking for a slow-paced area with excellent food and wine.

There hasn’t been a better time to cross the Bass Strait to Hobart!

Hobart not only offers a perfect base in which to explore the countryside but with a mix of beautiful museums and colonial architecture better kept than any other city it provides a relaxing setting gone amiss in the big cities.

The downtown area, especially around Salamanca is an excellent place to eat out, with charming cafes and bars decked out in renovated sandstone buildings harking back to the cities beginnings.
Every Saturday of the year, Salamanca is turned into the best market spot in town.

With a fantastic selection of food stalls, arts and crafts and the vibrant music all around the Salamanca Market is a great place to spend your afternoon.

After checking out the market and dining at Battery Point, it is time to explore a place we are sure will become a favourite haunt for those beer-loving backpackers, The Cascade Brewery. Australia’s oldest continuously operating brewery is just a short five-minute drive from Hobart’s centre.

Check out everything from the creation process to ingredients and yes the all-important free taste tests.
For those chocolate lovers out there the Cadbury Chocolate Factory is also in town.

Mount Wellington sits boldly behind Hobart, a frontier of sorts to more fabulous adventures.

But in its own right, it offers some viewing pleasures of its own. Standing at 1270m above sea level Mt Wellington provides panoramic views of Hobart, the Derwent River and the Tasman Peninsula.

Surrounded by rugged by boulders and scrubs shaped from years of strong wind and snow, you will find your time swapping from the grand views to taking in the rugged landscape.

The endless green surrounds the Fern Tree area, which in which Mt Wellington plays a significant role only Tasmania could create.

With many fantastic walks and picnic spots alongside the flowing water, Fern Tree is a perfect way to get amongst it before you leave the relaxed confines of Hobart.

Away from the flashy lights and sights, you will find the best of Hobart’s nightlife. Those that want to dust off their bold dance moves have some options but not to the standards of the bigger cities.

For this Hobartians should be grateful, because their city is nothing if not unique.
As a result, there are some fantastic bars around the waterfront in which to sink a few drinks.

Alongside the tranquillity of the Derwent River, you will find a small city on the rise.

With a mix of brilliant colonial buildings full of cafes and bars and the vibrant yet relaxed air that flows in Hobart, you will find yourself calmed and ready to explore its scenic outer reaches.

Horseshoe Falls photo by Tourism Australia