The holiday destination for both locals & tourists

It is hard to think when Jim Cavill was trying to change the town of Elston to Surfers Paradise back in the 1930s that he was trying to be subtle.

Instead, he came up with a name that stripped the town of mystery. However, it’s hard to think of a place that better stands up to its name and reputation.

A major travel destination for both local Australians and thousands of tourists that come from overseas every year, Surfers Paradise is Australia’s answer to the California sun while keeping the Gold Coast’s love of extravagance, tanning sessions and late nights.

Surfers Paradise
Golden Hour photo by Tourism Australia

With its larger-than-life personality, the town has grown to be on the verge of becoming a bustling seaside metropolis.

Being the home of Q1, the world’s tallest all-residential building Surfers Paradise is much more than it was when Jim Cavill came to town, but some things never change like the reasons he named the city the way he did.

As Surfers Paradise suggests, surfing and kicking back on the beach is the thing to be doing.
It would be easy to spend your entire stay paying worship to the Gods of the sea by swimming, soaking in the sun and playing catch on the sand.

This stunning stretch of sand extends 42 kilometres down the coast through Broadbeach further down to the Gold Coast before ending at Coolangatta.

Here you find the famous point break “Snapper Rocks”.

The Quicksilver Pro is here annually. This surfing event is brought to you by “World Surf League”, and the worlds’ top surfers compete here.

Snapper Rocks is the start of the large sandbank known to surfers as the Superbank. We recommend only to hit the water here if you are an intermediate surfer.

It is a fast and barreling wave, do not be surprised if Mick Fanning is dropping in on you!

With surfing and swimming being the order of the day and before you check Mout the heaps of seaside cafes, please note that currents can be strong and particularly if you are only going for a dip it is best to stick to the patrolled areas which cover most of the beaches.

Surfing main beach is consistently good and caters for everybody from beginners to more experienced riders.
While there can sometimes be a crowd, there are enough breaks to go around, and you won’t have trouble finding a sweet spot even if it’s your first time up on a surfboard.

Part of what makes coming here so great is the atmosphere that never slacks throughout the day.


From barrelling Superbank to wild rides at Dreamworld

Surfers Paradise is not a secret beach or surfers’ hideaway everything you need is around you when you ditch the board and unstrap the leg rope.
The buzz created stays with you, whether you’re out in the ocean or walking down the main strip.

Getting around the main section of Surfers Paradise is an easy and gentle walk, and almost certainly your accommodation will be a quick walk to the beach where you won’t be able to help but spend most of your time there.

Cars are an option, but in terms of getting around the centre, finding a decent car park will be a chore.
Cars, however, could be handy to get around to the many theme parks and attractions that are around Surfers Paradise.

There are also shuttle buses that you can arrange through your accommodation.

No trip to Surfers Paradise would be complete without a trip to one of the four main theme parks in the area.
Get your hair wet on another hot day in the sun at Wet ‘n’ Wild or follow in the footsteps of your favourite action heroes at Movie World.

Hang out with our ocean friends at Sea World or get the butterflies fluttering in your stomach at Dreamworld.
As a significant tourist attraction Surfers Paradise is full to the brim with attractions, but the theme parks are must-see and can create days of nonstop fun.

Shopping in Surfers Paradise is all around you! Trying to work out where to start is like choosing which break to catch! Shopaholics will love it!
A safe bet is the Oasis Shopping Mall and anything on Cavill Avenue, these are the spots to satisfy all your shopping needs.

If there’s one thing locals love more than spending their days on the beach getting quite the tan it is staying up into the wee hours of the night with mates, residents of Surfers Paradise take great pride in their nightlife.

While we are sure you’d rather be nowhere else to watch the sunset than out there on your board or lounging on the beach, there are many excellent locations for sunset drinks and spots to carry you throughout another long night in Paradise.

And just as it was for shopping Cavill Avenue and the adjacent Orchid Avenue are the places to be.
There is The Avenue which caters for a more laid back personality with its live music and bar vibe and is a great place to start the night getting a few beers down before hitting the dance floor.

From SinCity to Shooters and Melbas On the Park, the options continue for great places to let your hair down and thrash out what energy you have left.

With a reliable rotation of DJs and different themes and promotions, each club has something different to offer never giving the feeling of predictability.

If you’re still up why not head back down to the beach and take in the beautiful sunrise over the ocean as you take stock of another crazy night in Surfers Paradise.

While it is not that same quiet town called Elston that it was 70 years ago, Surfers Paradise provides for an action-filled time full of waves, rides at the theme parks and memorable late nights that will stay with you long into your backpacking journey.