A paradise unlike any other.

From rivers to long stretches of famed beaches to long walks through national parks Noosa is not only a place to take in the stunning environment but also a place full of things to do, particularly if you are on a budget.

Whether it is days lounging on the beach, or cheap afternoon BBQs on the Noosa River finding things to do on the cheap here won’t be a difficult task.
Noosa is a relatively spread out town which only adds to its relaxing vibe.

Noosa Parade which runs in a loop around the central area covers most of the town, whilst Noosa River which alongside it continues further inland.
Hastings Street is the main street in Noosa and holds the majority of shops and cafes, plus it is only a short walk to Main Beach.

Getting around Noosa on foot is both a great way to see the town and take in the sun.
There are a few places to go to nearby that might be beyond walking distance such as the must see Sunshine Beach, but we will touch on that a little later.

Another great way to see Noosa and also get from A to B if needed is by the ferries on Noosa River.
Continue upstream and check out the Goat Island or stop off along the way and take part in the various free exercise equipment that exists along the river.

When day turns to dusk the ferries on Noosa River the ferries turn into good old fashion sunset ferries.
Bring along your own drinks, sit back and take in your surroundings as you cruise pass the Noosa Woods and Noosa Sound.

The River itself is also a nice place to bring a towel, relax and lounge out in the sun and watch the boats float by.


Go catch up on the travel diary or finally get to read that book you’ve been trying to start on for a while.

If you’re feeling a little perky, seek out one of the many BBQs on the river and enjoy a nice feed. Either way, not much can beat a nice day in the sun by the Noosa River.

The other great place in town that’s within walking distance is of course Noosa’s Main beach.

Though the waves rarely get pass a metre tall, fitting in with Noosa’s chilled atmosphere, it is the perfect place for a casual swim and a day lazing under the sun with some fish and chips.

There are also many activities to be done at the Main Beach, including beach volleyball and the hiring of kayaks to just name a few.

Get back to nature in Queensland most visit National Park

If you’re ready for another stroll after a nice swim in the ocean, walk east along the boardwalk until you stumble into Noosa National Park.

There are five different tracks but the Coastal Track gives you the chance to dip back into the water and comes heavily recommended.

The views into Laguna Bay are stunning and the aptly named Dolphin Point is great if you’re after some dolphin spotting.

Take a picnic or walk the tracks in one hit, whatever you decide Noosa National Park is a great day out to both escape the crowds and catch some peace and quiet, and also to see some incredible wildlife.

Hastings Street is the hub for both shopping and cafes, so if you’re keen for a splurge on clothes or a coffee check out the many shops and cafes here. You could easily spend an afternoon here going from shop to shop. Also Cafe’s like Sails have fantastic sea views to enjoy.



Just out a few kilometres out of town is Sunshine Beach, yet another gorgeous Queensland beach that arguably tops Noosa’s Main Beach both for surf and ocean views.

The beach is very spread out so it shouldn’t be too hard to find a nice secluded spot both on the sand and in the water.

Later on you can go search out of the many beach side bars for an ice cold beer or a seaside café for a casual feed.

Though very similar in personality to Noosa, Sunshine Beach offers a great option to get out of town for a day.

Also just out of town is the Eumundi Market, held every Saturday and Wednesday in Eumundi and offers a great range of food, arts and crafts.

This marker offers the perfect chance to change up the routine of beaches and more beaches.

Another market in town is the Noosa Farmer’s Market held every Sunday.

As day falls it is time to check out what night life Noosa has to offer. From a backpackers perspective it really doesn’t disappoint.

From great night starter pubs and bars like KB’s for great live music and Zachary’s for gourmet pizza and cheap beer, to memory making nightclubs like the Rolling Rock or the Reef.

There are many great options out there that will keep you away from your hostel long into the early hours.
Backpacking through Noosa really is the perfect option for many travellers not so keen on spending a lot of money.

There are many cheap activities to choose from, like the sunset ferry rides down the river and with the town surrounded by great coast line and national parks days will float by without the need to spend money on anything bar the necessities.

Along with the obviously stunning location Noosa is such a great choice because it is loads of fun and budget friendly.


Main Beach
Main Beach