Winding along the jagged Shipwreck Coast is a road made famous both for its views, history and beachside towns.

A mix of waves, relaxing cafes and hills covered in great walks capped off with the beautiful 12 Apostles the Great Ocean Road has all the makings for an epic road trip.

The Great Ocean Road has come to define not just a stretch of swerving bitumen but the entire surf coast that it calls home from Ocean Grove right through until you reach the town of Warrnambool.

The Road is punctuated by little car parks almost acting as surf guides to the untamed waters below.  The surf culture started in Torquay with the help of now international brands such as Rip Curl and Quicksilver.

No two drives along the Great Ocean Road will ever be the same because there are hundreds of different spots to park the car and get out the board.
Will it be a spontaneous moment? Or the look of the quiet bay beyond?

Maybe you want to catch the sunset out there on the ocean.
Whatever the spur, there will be great surf spots right around the corner.

Other than unplanned stops, there is the world-famous Bells Beach, alongside the surf town of Jan Juc.
Another popular haunt for surfers is the Point Addis Marine National Park home to some big swells tumbling in from the south.

However, for those worried about the currents and rips that can cause trouble, it is best to stick to the beaches manned by the famous Surf Lifesavers!

Places like Ocean Grove are patrolled and has fabulous surf for all experience levels and a long stretch of sand that extends through to Barwon Heads, so finding a quiet spot amongst the crowd won’t be hard.

The Ocean Road hugs the picturesque coastline as it takes you to the famous holiday town of Lorne.

Lorne provides a great spot to stay overnight, or for even longer with its seaside atmosphere from its relaxing morning swims to afternoons at the many cafes before great bars become the place to be at night.

Lorne’s population swarms in the summertime and is a trendy destination for New Year’s Eve and is home to Falls Festival.

From here the scenery becomes truly remarkable, from Lorne to Apollo Bay find a mix of hills with waterfalls and stretches of sand untouched.
Along this path is where you will stumble into Wye River, a quiet beachside area perfect to camp out and open that esky.

Stay here for as long as you can changing it up between the coastal walks and the water, between getting a tan and cooking on the BBQ.

Just beyond are the 12 Apostles, a critical landmark that has increased the magnificence of the road.
Over the centuries erosion to the headlands has caused a row of limestone stacks to break away along the coastline.

They stand majestically just off the cliffs, waiting for you to stop and admire them but please know that they are at their best at sunrise.
From here check out Loch Ard Gorge for an excellent escape down to the water and be surrounded by imposing cliffs.

Apollo Bay is another oceanside town worth checking out especially for its excellent hinterlands, from waterfalls, streams and forest-covered hills it’s a great spot to get out of the car and stretch those legs.

From there the coast turns into the famed Shipwreck Coast, a stretch full of spooky stories and history as the land turns into the Otway Ranges the water begins to take on an aura as you start to understand its past.

But this is where the camping gets excellent, the cliffs more imposing and the lookout spots more enticing to Warrnambool.

The Great Ocean Road from its cozy beach towns of Ocean Grove and Torquay to the wild Otway Ranges is an incredible experience.

Stop off as many times as you can because out here time is not of importance, but the chance to see it all is.

Take in the fantastic views as you drive and wake up beachside and go for a sunrise swim, the ultimate Australian road trip experience lies here along a rugged coast and warm sands.