Get ready for a wild time!

Welcome to the Northern Territory!

An exquisite mix of old versus new. Ancient cultures and traditions are standing shoulder to shoulder with the more modern ideas of western society.

It is a representative of an age-old Australian civilisation, with its barren landscape.
Ancient untouched regions and quiet, lonely towns – Northern Territory is also home to a growing capital city of Darwin, a surprisingly affluent city to interstate visitors that is not just an outpost.

The Northern Territory offers both a home and an incredible journey, with vast open lands riddled with untamed wildlife, waterfalls and incredible sunsets.

The capital city of Darwin is where most of the state’s juxtapositions come to meet.
It is where the city meets the country life; an urban atmosphere comes to play alongside the natural Top End laconic personality.

It is where the unique remoteness of the state in all its glory says hello to the centre point of the state’s population.

Because of the contrasts, Darwin has become a vibrant city, spurred on financially by the mining boom. The relaxed atmosphere leads to café tables sprawling on to the streets and the city’s proud multiculturalism adds flavour to the markets and museums that showcase the very best of the Northern Territory.

Deckchair Cinemas are a perfect way to spend yet another warm, beautiful evening and Mindil Beach is the place to cool off during the day.

Come back to the beach at sunset to capture all that is great about Darwin and the state, pure, unaltered stunning scenery as much of the city congregates here for markets.

Try out the great local and international cuisines with a beer in hand and with a stunning backdrop all around.

The brilliant Aboriginal artwork that is found all over the state is also at the Museum and Art Gallery of Northern Territory.

Also at the museum is a fantastic display of the 1974 Cyclone Tracey which devastated the city.

Another great place to check out is Berry Springs which has beautiful natural swimming holes to enjoy and excellent nature to take in.

A place of such beauty it is hard to put into words.

Kakadu National Park, just south of Darwin, is exploding with fantastic nature and space. One could spend days and weeks here without the feeling of boredom or the want to leave.

Kakadu National Park is the combination of the entire countries diversity in one fantastic spot.

Kakadu Northern Territory

Teeming with falls and natural pools like Jim Jim, amongst the unique mixture of desert red and forest green Kakadu hosts wildly diverse ecology and even more different forms of wildlife, living without fear of human intervention.

It all adds for imposing place that strikes the mind as a dwelling, unlike any other on earth.

Further down south of the state lies another hub for Territorians, Alice Springs.

Spend your time between the lonely pubs surrounded by red and orange sands that would have surely been a typical setting in your pre-holiday view of Northern Territory.

If you dreamt of a real Australia full of iconic empty vastness and town in which to enjoy it all Alice Springs is the place for you.

Walk up to Anzac Hill for a beautiful view over the town or up Mount Gillen for panoramic views of the vibrant unfaltering colour to the horizon.

Alice Springs also holds the key to some of the best outback experiences you will find in the Territory as is thus an excellent base for your explorations.

The Red Centre

Uluru Northern Territory Australia

First stop is, of course, the grand Uluru, or Ayres Rock. Stretching over 3 kilometres wide, and over 900m above sea level, Uluru is as much a cultural monument as it is an incredible natural wonder.

Close inspection will show this incredible rock to be full of artefacts and drawings of the local Anangu people.

Nothing can prepare you for its size, wondrous beauty and ever-changing colour against the backing of the sun.

Another improbable, natural feat located just a short drive from Uluru,

the Olgas or Kata Tjuta. A collection of 36 domed rocks, with stunning valleys and steep climbs.

The tallest of the domed rocks is over 200m taller than Uluru, and despite not being just one intimidating rock, the Olgas captivates the hearts and minds of views as much as it takes over its surroundings with its brilliance.

Kings Canyon is just north of Uluru and is the least travelled to of the three hotspots so far mentioned.

But with sheer cliff walls, a natural wind protected swimming pool travellers are in for a treat here.

Hike up to the top and view the awe-inspiring vistas and below to the depths of the gorge.

The list of breathtaking places continues north, to Katherine Gorge, full of swimming’s spots and cliffs to dive off.
It is also known for its surrounding hiking trails and of course the wildlife.

Northern Territory
Uluru photo by @photologic

Full of adventure the Top End will be unforgettable.

Do not miss the opportunity to see the magical Arnhem Land.

Though permits into this Aboriginal territory is challenging but well worth it.

To experience the land from an indigenous perspective and truly interact with the oldest civilisation on earth is one of the best opportunities Australia will give you in your travels.

Australia still holds on to its barren past, its community spirit and natural wonders as is shown by the Northern Territory. Because of this, it allows even the most nostalgic and dreamy traveller to experience and see the land through the same eyes that have inhabited it for thousands of years.