Exmouth – welcome to the real outback! We want to give you a virtual high five for coming this far!

Exmouth provides a massive contrast to the theme parks on the Gold Coast or the eclectic laneways of Melbourne, but it puts you in a place where you truly get to sit and think in peace, to watch the waves come rolling in from the Indian Ocean and reflect a little.

This small town of just over a thousand is situated on the northeastern coast of WA and on the likely chance you are taking an epic road through this incredible country.

Exmouth demands a little bit of attention if not for its rowdiness then at least for its timeless charm and its chance to partake in endless snorkelling and nights on beaches so quiet they may as well be your own.

Snorkelling and diving opportunities are the main reasons that make Exmouth a great location, so we won’t waste any time getting down to the details.
Exmouth is home to the world heritage listed Ningaloo Reef.

This fringing reef is home to some 150 types of coral, plus over 500 species of fish and travellers can join in the fun by stepping off the beach and into the water.

In some places, Ningaloo Reef sits just 100 metres from the shore.

Tantabiddi Beach is a great place to go for a casual snorkel, and its long flat beach is perfect for a game of cricket.
At high tide, the Mandu Sanctuary Zone is also an incredible place to take in the abundant sea life just metres from the shore.

In Coral Bay swim through coral lagoons and pristine waters to find graceful sea creatures even the odd manta ray.

Alternatively, many reef tours leave from Exmouth throughout the day which provides the best way to see the reef in all its glory including whale shark and bottlenose dolphin sightings.

For those keen to travel the seas from above the water, hire kayaks from Exmouth and spot migrating whales and find spots along the coast away from the crowd and unexplored to discover turtles and dugongs.

As you can probably tell so far that stopping off in Exmouth was indeed an inspired choice and with the array of great beaches that make themselves comfortable on the coast, there will be some fantastic surf too.

Gateway to Ningaloo Reef and migratory whale sharks

The creatively named Surfers Beach is the most popular haunt for travellers and locals alike to dust of their boards and hit the breaks.
The big swells from June to October provide wonder to why surfing on the north-west coast is such a well-kept secret.

Other surf spots include The Bombie which is just around the corner from Surfers Beach and also Wobiri which offers the chance for the less experienced to get some miles into their boards.

Situated on the west side of the Exmouth Gulf is the Cape Range National Park, an excellent opportunity to get take a break from the beaches and discover the gem that lies just inland.

The towering limestone peaks create a change from the often flat outback and with the deep valleys that cut through the park, Cape Range is heaven for not only nature lovers but for anyone with an appreciation for beauty…so we hope that’s everyone.

The Gorges of Mandu Mandu and Yardie Creek provide excellent walking tracks to take in all that the park has to offer including views from above of ancient rivers having cut their way through the plains millions of years ago.

Finding your piece of paradise isn’t a hard thing to do in Exmouth and the surrounding regions, and with the Montebello Islands and Murion Islands just off the coast, there is an endless list of places to explore.

But even if you are only here for a little while, there will be a moment here when time stands still where all your worries go away, and all that matters is the bliss that surrounds you.


Cape Range National Park photo by Australia’s Coral Coast