Visit Hervey Bay

A lovely seaside town three and a half hours north of Brisbane.

It is a picturesque town in its own right, known for great whale watching activities and also for its abundance of water sport.

However, it is also the perfect spot from which to head to the ‘World Heritage Listed’ Fraser Island, an island of immense beauty.
So for your convenience, we have put both destinations in one easy guide.

The best way to see Hervey Bay is by bike.

Ride your way towards Shelley Beach for a nice swim and a little break before continuing to the seaside area called Torquay.

This is where the options really begin to present themselves.

Torquay offers up Hoolihan’s Irish Restaurant and Bar which is also great to return to a little later on if you looking for a few beers.

Also alongside the swarm of cafes and parks, Torquay offers a great range of water sport activities such as jet skis, catamarans, quad bikes and the list goes on.

It is perfect for a day out and you are guaranteed to get the heart rate pumping reasonably high here.

The Esplanade continues through a quieter region called Scarness, which is nice if you want to get away from the crowd a little bit, and all the way to Point Vernon which is a great spot for a picnic and a dip into the ocean.

Another spot to take in whilst you’re travelling down the Esplanade is The Pier, an 800-metre long passage out into the ocean.

One could only imagine how great that would look at the sunset! Or maybe as the sun is rising if you’re keen to take in the early morning breeze.

World-famous for whale watching a stay here would not be complete without seeking some out and along with other activities like the local aquarium and go-kart track, Hervey Bay makes for a nice leisurely town great if you’re looking for a slower pace to recharge.

Ok, so you like adventure, what self-respecting backpacker wouldn’t right?
Well, there won’t be too many destinations on your itinerary that could claim to be as remote and extreme as this place.

Hervey Bay is a gateway to Fraser Island

 Hervey Bay is World Famous for Humpback Whale Watching

Book your Whale Watching tour the season runs from Mid July to Mid November