Great Barrier Reef Volunteer Hostie Program onboard Reef Encounter is a great way to see the Reef and have loads of fun!!


Our Australia volunteer Hostie Program allows you to make the most of your money and extend your trip to the Great Barrier Reef by staying and working as a volunteer Hostie onboard the award-winning Reef Encounter liveaboard boat.

We need the help of enthusiastic, helpful people for light duties as volunteer Hosts/Hostesses on our luxury overnight dive boat in exchange for free accommodation, meals and use of the Great Barrier Reef!

You must go on a fully paid trip as a guest first and then providing you have a good work ethic you can stay on working as a volunteer Hostie in exchange for accommodation, food and time to explore the reef.


Questions and Answers

Our Hostie program is an excellent way of spending extra time on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef one of the seven natural wonders of the World without blowing your budget


How long can I stay working as a volunteer Hostie?

After your paid trip, you will start work as a hostie approximately 1:00 pm on the next day of your journey. We guarantee you will be able to stay on for another two days if you have booked an overnight trip, or another three days if you booked longer accommodation as a guest.

If you have a good work ethic and show effort in working well with our crew and new oncoming guests, there’s an opportunity to stay longer. It could be anything from 3 days to 3 weeks or longer. If you do wish to return to shore at any stage, you will need to speak to the Purser on board. The Purser (aka – hotel manager) looks after the returning volunteer hostie roster.

If the guest pays for a 2 day, 1-night trip – we will guarantee that they can work as a hostie for at least two additional nights accommodation.  Alternatively, if the guest pays for a 3 day, 2-night trip we will guarantee three extra nights accommodation.


What’s included for my volunteer work?

It is not a paid position. If you want to stay after your paid trip, you will receive free chef-prepared meals, free accommodation (in crew quarters) and opportunities to go either scuba diving or snorkelling. Volunteer hosties can earn up to two scuba dives or snorkels per day, providing you have finished your duties.

* If you book as a snorkeller you may only snorkel as a volunteer hostie.

* Certified divers may continue to dive or snorkel

* Resort Divers – Beginner / Introductory Dives. Volunteer hosties may continue to go on introductory resort dives provided spaces are available with an instructor. We only allow a maximum of four diver guests to an instructor. You must complete at least one paid resort dive as a guest in order to be eligible to join in on any free resort dive spaces as a volunteer.

* You will have to purchase a hostie T-shirt which is $15.00AUD, and you get to keep it!


What will I be doing for my volunteer work?

Reef Encounter crew understand that you are on holidays and how easy it is to go into relax mode; however, as a volunteer hostie, you will be expected to work. Some of the duties will include:

  • Kitchen duties, i.e. kitchen hand, waiting and setting of tables.
  • Housekeeping duties, ie. Stripping and making beds, cleaning bathrooms.
  • Laundry duties, i.e. loading washing and drying machines
  • Baggage handling, i.e. taking the oncoming guest luggage to and from the transfer tender & to the guest allocated room on arrival.
  • There may be other duties required.
  • Work hard ~ Play hard. (The Australian Great Barrier Reef is your backyard!!!)


Will I get free time?

Absolutely! As long as you finish all your duties.

There will be some aspects of your day that will be busier and will require you to work a little harder than other times.


Where can I book?

Right here on our website!  If you have any questions, you can chat with one of our friendly team right now.  If you are in a different time zone and we are asleep, you can leave a message, and we will get back to you when we wake up.


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