Famous for its Big Banana

If wanderlust is leading you north from the beauty of Sydney or south from the sun-soaked Gold Coast Coffs Harbour is a place where you must take a break from that never-ending road and settle.

Find your resting heartbeat at one of the many sheltered beaches, or rediscover excitement from the sky as you free fall down to this magnificent harbourside town.

Coffs Harbour exudes a relaxing pace but just like any town reliant on tourism is brought to a fast pulse at night.
Getting around is best done on foot as most attractions are within walking distance. Visit the ‘Jetty Strip’ which holds the towns best selections of eateries from cute cafes to more elegant restaurants, a great variety of choices.

Besides the beautiful beaches that hug the coastline, there are many things to do and see in Coffs Harbour.

Born from the regions rich banana growing history comes the aptly named ‘Big Banana’, a photo alongside this regions famous monument is a must of any backpacker.

Did you know it is an ice skating hall?
Further inland finds yourself surrounded by stunning subtropical walks of Bruxner Park that can be completed on foot or horseback, a day taking in Coffs Harbour’s unique walking trails will not disappoint.

An hour trip from the heart of Coffs Harbour will land you in Dorrigo National Park and Waterfall way, another beautiful region that will become a favourite for any lover of nature.

Near Bruxner Park is the fantastic Sealy Lookout, a walkway that extends out into the canopy and affords the unparalleled backpacker views of Coffs Harbour and the endless ocean.

Back into town and it is likely you will at some point be surrounded by a Coffs Harbour market that gives the feel of a festival rather than a weekend gathering. The Bellingen Market is held monthly and is the best in the region featuring fantastic food and wine plus live music and over 250 stalls. If you are around, don’t miss this market.

As the day slowly fades into night and you are staring out onto Muttonbird Island for a last glimpse of those thousands of adorable immigrating birds, it is time to work out where to go that night.

Let’s start with the Plantation Hotel and if you are only in town for a short while there might be no need to even check another place out for this place has it all for the partying backpacker.
The ‘Planto’ slowly turns itself into the place to be every night with its delicate balance of pub grub, live music and DJs that provide the night out needed for any frisky traveller.

For those more inclined to dance at a city-style club, then head over to Liquid Nightclub for some serious fun on the dance floor, cheap cocktails and a long, long night.

You will find pubs all around town, and nature walks to excite the eyes, vistas to inspire the heart and quiet beaches to calm the pulse all the while surrounded by a typical Australian atmosphere of relaxation, great weather and yet another place you don’t want to leave.

Find yourself a little slice of peace and a little slice of rowdy in Coffs Harbour.