Cape Tribulation Guided 2 Day Tour

This Cape Tribulation Guided 2 Day Tour takes you to in fact the oldest living Rainforest on the planet. Cape Tribulation is where the Daintree Rainforest meets Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

Fully guided tour

This is the only Cape Tribulation Guided 2 Day Tour where the guide stays with you throughout your whole stay.  First you’ll get to discover some of the region’s most incredible scenery and furthermore you will learn more about the history of the area. Meanwhile you will get up close and personal with native critters.

Night walk

Your guide will take you on a exciting night walk after sharing a dinner find what lies behind the darkness of these ancient forests. 

Free time will be available to do some of the great optional activities Cape Tribulation has to offer!

Tour Highlights & Inclusions

    • Informative guides that stay with you throughout your whole experience, therefore you will get the most out of this tour.
    • Morning tea and coffee
    • 1 lunch, dinner and breakfast
    • Port Douglas and 4 Mile Beach
    • A crocodile cruise
    • Ferry ride crossing the Daintree River soon you will enter the oldest rainforest in the world!
    • Exploring stunning Beaches
    • Swim in a rainforest creek
    • 2 amazing lookouts
    • All park fees
    • Share overnight accommodation of course upgrades are available
    • Rainforest night walks
    • Granite Gorge – rock wallabies
    • Free time to enjoy or do optional tours
    • Fun times, great music and top guides!

Tour Itinerary

    • Port Douglas, this is where we will stop for a walk and swim at the famous 4 mile beach!
    • Next we will take you on a boat cruise into the wild looking for the famous and scary saltwater crocodiles! Meanwhile we will plan our trip to get the lowest tide for the best possible chance to discover them.
    • Rare Wildlife & Ancient Rainforest: First we cross the Daintree River on the ferry and then next we hit the wild side of the road and drive through some of the oldest Rainforests in the world!
    • Morning tea, Lunch, Dinner and Breakfast are all included (1 lunch will be at your own expense).
    • Following there will be time to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the beautiful beaches that Cape Tribulation offers.
    • Next you will have the chance swim in pristine rainforest creeks!!
    • Afterwards at night your guide will take you on a journey exploring the ancient forests during our night walk.
    • Meanwhile you’ll be staying in the middle of the rainforest in shared accommodation and if required upgrades are available. However please contact PK’s Jungle Village directly to upgarde*
    • Free Time: This two day trip gives you free time on day 2 to do optional activities like a Reef Trip, Horse Riding or Zip Line through the Rainforest, enquire for more information.
    • Last we travel through to the edges of the outback and see huge termite mounds and hand feed rock wallabies in the wild.
    • Time to head home via two very beautiful lookouts and enjoy tunes as we head back into civilisation.
    • *Because of the changing tides, the order of activities may change as we work around the it to give you a greater chance to see crocodiles.

What to Bring

    • Sunscreen
    • Raincoat
    • Swimming Gear and towel
    • Walking Shoes or Closed shoes for example mountain biking (this is optional)
    • Money for lunch on day 2 because this is at your own expense.
    • Change of Warm Clothes
    • Overnight bag
    • Night torch (if you have one)
    • Sense of fun
    • Smile and Singing Voice

Accommodation Upgrades*

    • For room upgrades please contact Pk’s Jungle Village directly: 07 4098 0040.


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