Whitsundays Sailing and Ocean Rafting

Whitsundays Sailing and Ocean Rafting, the two-day package will set you off on a thrilling ocean raft ride to Whitehaven Beach with snorkel stops and a trip to remember!

The Whitsunday Islands are a truly magnificent location, with azure blue waters and white silicon sand.  A collection of 74 continental islands this region is a natural attraction.  Whitsunday Island is the largest island in the group covering an area of 282 kilometres, and the smallest island is Titan Island just .011  kilometres

The following day, be the envy of all sailors on board the eco tall ship sailing adventure with historical and natural tour guide experts.

Combining the best of the Whitsundays in two days, you’ll see the famous Whitehaven Beach, raft around the islands, snorkel sail and relax!

Whitsundays Sailing

Set sail for a chilled out ride on a historical tall sailing ship. Learn about the history of the Derwent Hunter, constructed in 1946 and the Whitsunday Islands, named by Captain James Cook himself!

The Derwent Hunter is a magnificent tall ship.

A life of history, working as a research vessel, a life in films and her current position in tourism.

Onboard the Derwent Hunter crew are trained professionals, marine biologists and master reef guides to make sure your Whitsundays Island experience is outstanding with the best snorkelling locations and oceanic island informative information.

Whitsundays Ocean Rafting

Set out on the Southern Lights tour on a super-fast yellow semi-rigid inflatable vessel. See both ends of the spectacular, 7km Whitehaven Beach and secret snorkel spots with your super fun Whitsundays guide.

Secret snorkelling locations, offering hard and soft corals and an excellent range of marine life including brightly coloured tropical fish, giant clams and turtles.

Love to see the Whitsunday Islands and the reef from every angle?
Check out our Ocean Rafting Fly and Raft tour as an upgrade to the last three day Whitsundays adventure.


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